Digital cardiology


ISSN 1566-0338

Big data, AI, and mHealth–the digital evolution of cardiology

Michael Marber, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiology, St Thomas’ Hospital Campus, King’s College London, UK

  • issue of our journal is dedicated to Digital Cardiology, a term that is difficult to define, with a surprisingly long history.1,2 Over the last 60 years the complexity of the cardiac signals we digitize has increased from the voltage of the single-lead electrocardiogram to electromagnetic radiation encoding 4-dimensional MRI datasets of high anatomical and temporal density.1-3 Similarly, the duration of digital recordings has increased from seconds to many years, with implantable devices. In addition, we now acquire data in free-living people through direct-to-consumer wearables (eg, Apple Watch) and diagnostics (eg, AliveCor).
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