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Number 61, 2013, Heart failure and metabolic disease

EDITORIAL The metabolic contribution to heart failure Gary D. Lopaschuk Read the editorial ORIGINAL ARTICLES The metabolic basis for the obesity paradox in heart failure Stephan von Haehling Heart failure, muscle, obesity, obesity paradox Heart failure, muscle, obesity, obesity paradox [...]

Number 51, 2011, Cancer and the heart

EDITORIAL The rising tide of cardiotoxicity associated with cancer chemotherapy Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Cardiotoxicity in cancer therapeutics Christian Zuppinger cancer therapy, cardiotoxicity, anthracyclines, cell death, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Assessing and monitoring cardiac function in cancer patients K. [...]

Number 48, 2010, Obesity and heart disease

EDITORIAL Obesity and heart disease Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Free fatty acid oxidation in insulin resistance and obesity E. Dale Abel MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Obesity and mortality: summary of best evidence with explanations for the obesity paradox Jennifer Logue, [...]

Number 39, 2008, Cardiac Efficiency in Health and Disease

EDITORIAL Measuring cardiac efficiency: is it clinically useful? Frans Visser BASIC ARTICLE Molecular basis of cardiac efficiency Heiko Bugger, E. Dale Abel MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Assessment and clinical applications of myocardial efficiency Olakunle Akinboboye METABOLIC IMAGING Myocardial efficiency in heart [...]

Number 33, 2006, Arrhythmia and metabolism

EDITORIAL Arrhythmia and metabolism Danielle Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Metabolic signals of arrhythmia Jason R.B.Dyck and Peter E. Light Arrhythmia, cardiac energy metabolism, ion channels, AMPK, PRKAG2 MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Metabolic gene defects and risk of arrhythmia Patrick T. Ellinor, David [...]