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Number 60, 2013, Inflame my plaque (inflammation and atherosclerosis)

EDITORIAL Inflammation in atherosclerosis: casualty or causality? M. Marber Read the editorial ORIGINAL ARTICLES Macrophages: cause or cure in atherosclerosis? M. Bennett Apoptosis, atherosclerosis, inflammation, macrophages macrophages, atherosclerosis, monocytes, inflammation ORIGINAL ARTICLES The role of inflammation in atherosclerosis: what we [...]

Number 41, 2008, Taking genes to heart

EDITORIAL Taking genes to heart Michael S. Marber BASIC ARTICLE Genetics of cardiomyopathy and channelopathy Connie R. Bezzina MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE What the practicing cardiologist needs to know about genetics and heart disease Rahul C. Deo, Calum A. MacRae METABOLIC [...]