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Number 53, 2011, Energetics in heart disease

EDITORIAL Energetics in heart disease D. Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Myocardial energetics and efficiency E. Aasum cardiac energy metabolism, oxygen consumption, mechano energetics, heart failure MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Modulation of cardiac energetics as a target in ischemic heart disease H. Ashrafian [...]

Number 48, 2010, Obesity and heart disease

EDITORIAL Obesity and heart disease Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Free fatty acid oxidation in insulin resistance and obesity E. Dale Abel MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Obesity and mortality: summary of best evidence with explanations for the obesity paradox Jennifer Logue, [...]

Number 46, 2010, The cardiac cell: its survival and performance

EDITORIAL The cardiac cell: its survival and performance Mario Marzilli Evolution of the metabolic approach to heart disease Vaninder K. Sidhu, Gary D. Lopaschuk Cardiac metabolism in the diabetic patient Danielle Feuvray Cardiomyopathies and heart failure Lionel H. Opie The [...]

Number 45, 2009, Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

EDITORIAL Diabetes and cardiovascular disease Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Non ischemic heart failure in diabetes mellitus: still incompletely understood Romain Harmancey, Heinrich Taegtmeyer MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Clinical manifestations of diabetic cardiomyopathy Sihem Boudina METABOLIC IMAGING Nuclear magnetic resonance for [...]

Number 44, 2009, Circadian rhythms and cardiovascular disease

EDITORIAL Circadian rhythms and cardiovascular disease Danielle Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Diurnal variations in myocardial metabolism Ju-Yun Tsai, Martin E. Young MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Disruption of normal circadian rhythms and cardiovascular events Alberto Dominguez-Rodrigueza, Pedro Abreu-Gonzalezb, Juan Carlos Kaskic METABOLIC IMAGING [...]

Number 42, 2009, Chronic ischemic heart disease

EDITORIAL Chronic ischemic heart disease Mario Marzilli BASIC ARTICLE Genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics of the ischemic heart Marcus C. Schauba, Eliana Lucchinettib, Michael Zauggb MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Identifying patients at risk of progressive left ventricular dysfunction Florence Pinet METABOLIC IMAGING [...]

Number 39, 2008, Cardiac Efficiency in Health and Disease

EDITORIAL Measuring cardiac efficiency: is it clinically useful? Frans Visser BASIC ARTICLE Molecular basis of cardiac efficiency Heiko Bugger, E. Dale Abel MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Assessment and clinical applications of myocardial efficiency Olakunle Akinboboye METABOLIC IMAGING Myocardial efficiency in heart [...]

Number 38, 2008, Stable angina – taking time

EDITORIAL Stable angina – taking time Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Optimizing cardiac energy substrate metabolism: a novel therapeutic intervention for ischemic heart disease Jagdip S. Jaswal, Virgilio J.J. Cadete, Gary D. Lopaschuk MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Stable angina: a balanced approach [...]

Number 35, 2007, Cardiac toxicity

EDITORIAL Cardiac toxicity Danielle Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Molecular basis of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity Richard S. Vander Heide and Thomas J. L’Ecuyer Anthracycline, cardiotoxicity, cardiac muscle, oxidative stress, apoptosis, mechanism MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Mechanisms, manifestations, and management of digoxin toxicity Lionel G. [...]

Number 33, 2006, Arrhythmia and metabolism

EDITORIAL Arrhythmia and metabolism Danielle Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Metabolic signals of arrhythmia Jason R.B.Dyck and Peter E. Light Arrhythmia, cardiac energy metabolism, ion channels, AMPK, PRKAG2 MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Metabolic gene defects and risk of arrhythmia Patrick T. Ellinor, David [...]