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Number 55, 2012, Introduction to the ‘omics

EDITORIAL Talking ‘omics M. Marber BASIC ARTICLE Proteomics and microRNA profiling in cardiac fibrosis J. Barallobre-Barreiro, A. Didangelos, M. Mayr cardiac fibrosis, fibroblasts, proteomics, miRNAs MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Metabolomics in coronary heart disease D. J. Grainger, D. E. Mosedale diagnostics, [...]

Number 32, 2006, Metabolic profile in heart disease

EDITORIAL Metabolic profi le in heart disease Mario Marzilli BASIC ARTICLE Understanding the metabolic phenotype of heart disease Rong Tian energetics, heart failure, transgenic mice, fatty acid oxidation, glucose metabolism, metabolic therapy MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Clinical implications of energetic problems [...]