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Number 61, 2013, Heart failure and metabolic disease

EDITORIAL The metabolic contribution to heart failure Gary D. Lopaschuk Read the editorial ORIGINAL ARTICLES The metabolic basis for the obesity paradox in heart failure Stephan von Haehling Heart failure, muscle, obesity, obesity paradox Heart failure, muscle, obesity, obesity paradox [...]

Number 57, 2012, Diastolic heart failure

EDITORIAL The challenge of treating diastolic heart failure G. D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Differentiating diastolic dysfunction from classic heart failure J. S. Jaswal and J. R. Ussher Cardiac energetics, diabetic cardiomyopathy, diastolic dysfunction, heart failure, obesity MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Advances [...]

Number 56, 2012, The athlete’s heart

EDITORIAL The heart of an athlete G. Jackson BASIC ARTICE Physiological versus pathological left ventricular hypertrophy T. Kotecha, K. Fox left ventricular hypertrophy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, athlete’s heart, echocardiography MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Clinical evaluation of the athlete A. Cox, S. Sharma [...]

Number 51, 2011, Cancer and the heart

EDITORIAL The rising tide of cardiotoxicity associated with cancer chemotherapy Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Cardiotoxicity in cancer therapeutics Christian Zuppinger cancer therapy, cardiotoxicity, anthracyclines, cell death, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Assessing and monitoring cardiac function in cancer patients K. [...]

Number 45, 2009, Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

EDITORIAL Diabetes and cardiovascular disease Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Non ischemic heart failure in diabetes mellitus: still incompletely understood Romain Harmancey, Heinrich Taegtmeyer MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Clinical manifestations of diabetic cardiomyopathy Sihem Boudina METABOLIC IMAGING Nuclear magnetic resonance for [...]

Number 38, 2008, Stable angina – taking time

EDITORIAL Stable angina – taking time Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Optimizing cardiac energy substrate metabolism: a novel therapeutic intervention for ischemic heart disease Jagdip S. Jaswal, Virgilio J.J. Cadete, Gary D. Lopaschuk MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Stable angina: a balanced approach [...]