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Number 80, 2019, Heart Failure in patients with Diabetes

Read the whole issue   EDITORIAL Diabetes and heart failure – a challenging combination Derek J. Hausenloy Read the editorial   ORIGINAL ARTICLES Changing epidemiology in patients with heart failure John Gierula, Mark T. Kearney diabetes mellitus; epidemiology; heart failure; [...]

Number 68, 2015, Diabetes: is it enough to control blood glucose?

EDITORIAL Cardiovascular events in diabetics: a great challenge and an unsolved problem M. Marzilli Read the editorial ORIGINAL ARTICLES Diabetes and ischemia: similarities in cardiac energy metabolism Tariq R. Altamimi, BSc and Gary D. Lopaschuk, PhD Cardiovascular Translational Science Institute [...]

Number 61, 2013, Heart failure and metabolic disease

EDITORIAL The metabolic contribution to heart failure Gary D. Lopaschuk Read the editorial ORIGINAL ARTICLES The metabolic basis for the obesity paradox in heart failure Stephan von Haehling Heart failure, muscle, obesity, obesity paradox Heart failure, muscle, obesity, obesity paradox [...]

Number 35, 2007, Cardiac toxicity

EDITORIAL Cardiac toxicity Danielle Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Molecular basis of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity Richard S. Vander Heide and Thomas J. L’Ecuyer Anthracycline, cardiotoxicity, cardiac muscle, oxidative stress, apoptosis, mechanism MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Mechanisms, manifestations, and management of digoxin toxicity Lionel G. [...]

Number 32, 2006, Metabolic profile in heart disease

EDITORIAL Metabolic profi le in heart disease Mario Marzilli BASIC ARTICLE Understanding the metabolic phenotype of heart disease Rong Tian energetics, heart failure, transgenic mice, fatty acid oxidation, glucose metabolism, metabolic therapy MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Clinical implications of energetic problems [...]