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Number 52, 2011, Equality of care for the elderly

EDITORIAL Equality of care for the elderly Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Energy metabolism in the aging heart Jason R.B. Dyck, Miranda M.Y. Sung aging, myocardial metabolism, contractile dysfunction, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Managing angina in the elderly: the impact of [...]

Number 49, 2011, Dilated cardiomyopathy

EDITORIAL Dilated cardiomyopathy G. Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Myocardial energy metabolism in dilated cardiomyopathy W. C. Stanley fatty acids, glucose, heart failure, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Drugs and/or devices in dilated cardiomyopathy H. P. Schultheiss, U. Kühl Anti-viral or immunomodulatory treatment, [...]

Number 38, 2008, Stable angina – taking time

EDITORIAL Stable angina – taking time Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Optimizing cardiac energy substrate metabolism: a novel therapeutic intervention for ischemic heart disease Jagdip S. Jaswal, Virgilio J.J. Cadete, Gary D. Lopaschuk MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Stable angina: a balanced approach [...]