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Number 78, 2019, Stable angina: to stent or not to stent?

EDITORIAL Stable angina: to stent or not to sent ? Luis Henrique Wolff Gowdak Read the editorial   ORIGINAL ARTICLES ORBITA and ISCHEMIA: what’s the message? William E. Boden ISCHEMIA; ORBITA; percutaneous coronary intervention; stable ischemic heart disease ISCHEMIA; ORBITA; [...]

Number 42, 2009, Chronic ischemic heart disease

EDITORIAL Chronic ischemic heart disease Mario Marzilli BASIC ARTICLE Genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics of the ischemic heart Marcus C. Schauba, Eliana Lucchinettib, Michael Zauggb MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Identifying patients at risk of progressive left ventricular dysfunction Florence Pinet METABOLIC IMAGING [...]