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Number 72, 2017, Refractory angina

EDITORIAL Living with pain L. H. W. Gowdak Read the editorial ORIGINAL ARTICLES Refractory angina or inappropriate antianginal therapy? A. Huqi, M. Marzilli CAD, guideline-directed medical therapy, persistent angina ORIGINAL ARTICLES Prevalence of refractory angina in clinical practice L. H. [...]

Number 52, 2011, Equality of care for the elderly

EDITORIAL Equality of care for the elderly Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Energy metabolism in the aging heart Jason R.B. Dyck, Miranda M.Y. Sung aging, myocardial metabolism, contractile dysfunction, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Managing angina in the elderly: the impact of [...]

Number 51, 2011, Cancer and the heart

EDITORIAL The rising tide of cardiotoxicity associated with cancer chemotherapy Gary D. Lopaschuk BASIC ARTICLE Cardiotoxicity in cancer therapeutics Christian Zuppinger cancer therapy, cardiotoxicity, anthracyclines, cell death, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Assessing and monitoring cardiac function in cancer patients K. [...]

Number 36, 2007, Improving prognosis in ischemic heart disease: time to maximize benefit

EDITORIAL Improving prognosis in ischemic heart disease: time to maximize benefit Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE The atherosclerotic plaque was not built in a day: the dynamic nature of plaque progression and instability Martin R. Bennett Vascular smooth muscle cells, apoptosis, [...]

Number 32, 2006, Metabolic profile in heart disease

EDITORIAL Metabolic profi le in heart disease Mario Marzilli BASIC ARTICLE Understanding the metabolic phenotype of heart disease Rong Tian energetics, heart failure, transgenic mice, fatty acid oxidation, glucose metabolism, metabolic therapy MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Clinical implications of energetic problems [...]