What is Heart and Metabolism?

  • Heart and Metabolism is a journal focusing on the management of cardiovascular diseases. Its aim is to inform cardiologists and other specialists about the newest findings on the role of metabolism in cardiac disease and to create awareness of their potential clinical implications.
  • The management of patients with angina, as well as those with heart failure and hypertrophic or dilated cardiomyopathy, is also discussed.
  • Moreover, the effects on the heart of metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus are highlighted.
  • Each issue includes an editorial, followed by articles on a key topic. Experts in the field explain the metabolic consequences of cardiac disease and the multiple potential targets for pharmacotherapy in ischemic and non ischemic heart disease.
  • This is the web edition of the printed journal.
  • For your convenience, references are directly linked to PubMed abstracts.

The high quality and relevance of Heart and Metabolism has been recognized by the scientific community.

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