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Number 52, 2011, Equality of care for the elderly

EDITORIAL Equality of care for the elderly Graham Jackson BASIC ARTICLE Energy metabolism in the aging heart Jason R.B. Dyck, Miranda M.Y. Sung aging, myocardial metabolism, contractile dysfunction, mitochondria MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Managing angina in the elderly: the impact of [...]

Number 33, 2006, Arrhythmia and metabolism

EDITORIAL Arrhythmia and metabolism Danielle Feuvray BASIC ARTICLE Metabolic signals of arrhythmia Jason R.B.Dyck and Peter E. Light Arrhythmia, cardiac energy metabolism, ion channels, AMPK, PRKAG2 MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Metabolic gene defects and risk of arrhythmia Patrick T. Ellinor, David [...]

Number 23, 2004, Acute coronary Syndromes

EDITORIAL Metabolic interventions for acute coronary syndromes? F. C. Visser BASIC ARTICLE Alterations in energy metabolism in acute coronary syndromes A. Noga, J. R. B Dyck, G. Lopaschuk MAIN CLINICAL ARTICLE Risk stratification and outcome in non-ST-segment elevation in acute [...]